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Welcome at the homepage of the 



ZVR: 824472000

(Society of benefit to the public: Art without barriers)


Our goal is to offer a platform to people of all ages, with or without disability, to share ideas, experiences and offer the possibility of self-fulfilment by the means of  various events. We consider us as a helping hand for integration of people with a disability and a mean to bring forward tolerance towards them.


About the founder and chairwoman:


Since the 2nd July 2010 Brigitte is paralysed by an yet undefined reason (probably infarctus of the spinal cord).


Since her childhood she has a very strong relationship to horses, with her last one, a Thoroughbread-mare named SISSI (who unfortunately died in February 2010) she has spent 20 years together and she owned two Fjord-horses, too. With one of them, TROLL, she even has been placed in a 40 km distance-race  in Hungary and until the sudden death in December 2014 she was the proud owner of an Avelignese-mare, ANASTASIA.


Brigitte is a citizen of the world, originating from Germany, she lived for 9 years in France between two terms of nearly 20 years in Hungary and in 2011 came to settle down in Austria.


In Hungary, she organized in 2008 and 2009 a cultural event with the goal of the integration of people with a disability (www.historica-hungaria.gportal.huwww.kez-a-kezben.gportal.hu), and now wishes to do so in her new home-contry.


In early summer of 2011 she got in contact with the Reit- und Therapiezentrum Kottingbrunn (Riding- and Therapycenter of Kottingbrunn), during a horsemanship-conversation with Gabriele Orac an idea was born to stage a show-program on the Fjord-horse Sissy. Brigitte had tailored her costume of her own and was riding to the solo theme of Elisabeth from the musical Elisabeth.


In the fall of  2011 she got in contact "by chance" at the Apropos Pferd event with the Avelignese-breeder Gerhard Luef from Bad Schönau, and found not only strong support, but also her new dream-horse, ANASTASIA!



Ever since - until December 2014 -  Brigitte and Anastasia have participated with great success in various show-programs at numerous events - like Apropos Pferd, Inform Fair, Pferd Wels and other horse and riding events - since 2014 also with the rider/musician Wolfgang Wograndl and his Quarterhorse Shakuru - to the delight of the spectators. 

Together with the singer and actor Markus Pol she has invented a new show-genre, too. Scenes of - among others - well-known musicals will be staged in new interpretations in an extraordinary symbiotic play between singer, rider and horse. Brigitte also perform singin on horseback.



is the symbol of show-riding and horse-theater from and for people with and without disability.  On horseback there are no differences, only count the unity of horse and rider, the pleasure of a successful performance.  

During EQUI-PARADE  performances with music from famous musicals, horses and riders in amazing costumes will show their skills, interpret and tell a wonderful story to spectators of every age.  

But not only the story, hidden in the tunes of the music, they will tell their own story, too. The story about the will to live, to overcome obstacles, a story of acceptance, endurance, helpfulness and the sense of community. 


EQUI-PARADE  considers itself as an example and an opportunity for all

 those, who thinks, that due to a disability, they will not be able to ride or to

 participate at events. It will also give you ideas for your own creativity. 



As the name goes, these are events, where songs from well-know musicals will be performed, as well as operetta, opera and other music-styles. But sometimes will also be shown other cultural themes - an exhibition in the foyer, mime, recital of poetry or wheelchair-dancers. 

Artists with and without disability - Brigitte, too, from different countries, in different languages, will perform during an amazing evening, absolutely entertaining the spectators of all ages.



An entertaining event with chansons, musical- and operetta-songs, as well as short stories from theaterlife

by and with Markus Pol and Brigitte Welcker


Das gibt's nur 1x

An entertaining event with chansons, musical- and operetta-songs, as well as short stories from theaterlife

by and with Brigitte Welcker






(Lectures with/without songs)


Works of  Maureen O’Kelly, the pen name of Brigitte, are read by the author herself in a small auditorium, afterwards will be the possibility for a stage talk with her.


Lectures might be accompanied on demand with ÖGS (austrian sign-language) 

Novels and plays, which contain almost always own experiences, too, are on repertoire, as well as a colorful mix of amazing stories, with songs, from the very interesting life of the author.  

 Brigitte performs also lectures about themes like "Living a fullfilled life despite a disability"

Brigitte Welcker / Maureen O'Kelly